universal arts Galerie Studio GmbH was founded by Jacqueline Ditt and Mario Strack in 1993 as an art market concept. The artists are running their own Label for audio-, video-, graphics- and print-editions as well as a live-gallery and a multimedia-production-studio. Presentation of painting and audiovisual mediaart form a unity that is essential for their universal artconcept. This includes the painting, composing and performing as well as the manufacturing of a gallery-edition including catalogs, posters, CD-Rom, DVD-video and more.
In 1996 the artistcouple founded their considerable online gallery (www.universal-arts.de) with open access to their complete catalogue raisonné, where you can see over 1000 originalpaintings and oiginalgraphics, furthermore multimediart and the universal arts print- and mulimedia edition (posters, music, video etc.) which are also available at the universal-artshop. Besides their current actual life-exhibitions the sales activities are increasingly focused on the internet. Based on the long experiance in online art-dealing, a professional transaction is ensured. Also their artwork is widely published on international netplatforms and -marketplaces, so via intensive networking they reach there customers and collectors all over the world.

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Allthough the site is built basically in german, it is easy to browse for all. Art is international anyway, we got additional descriptions in english and you will find "easy to click on thumbnails" for all paintings, animations and songs.
On Jacqueline's homepage you'll find all paintings and prints listed cronological, alphabetical and topical.
On Mario's homepage there are several volumes of videostills and GIFF-animations as well as multimediafiles - videoclips in several formats and MP3-audiofiles. If you are interested in any of our artwork, don't hesitate to contact us via E-Mail: mail@universal-arts.de, customers, resided outside Europe (esp. USA, Canada, Mexico..) can buy Mario's music easily at CD-Baby or download audiofiles at iTunes and many other Net-Stores.

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